Bride and groom stand in stone tower arch at Chateau Bellevue wedding.

A Chateau Bellevue wedding is sure to be ultra-romantic and elegant. Built in 1874, Chateau Bellevue has French Romanesque arches, beautiful courtyard grounds, a spacious ballroom, ornate hand-carved woodwork, and stunning stained-glass windows. 

Why we love Chateau Bellevue Weddings

PhotoHouse Films has captured over 1500+ weddings across Austin, Texas, and beyond. Our extensive experience makes us confidently recommend Chateau Bellevue for its central downtown Austin location and timeless charm.

Central Downtown Location

For couples interested in a downtown wedding location but with added charm and elegance, Chateau Bellevue is a perfect choice. Despite being in the heart of Downtown Austin, Texas, this wedding venue has a style that will transport you.

Brides holds grooms hands with her other hand up in the air in celebration as the couple walk down the aisle of their wedding ceremony at Chateau Bellevue. Tall downtown buildings are seen in the back behind a set of trees in a romantic outdoor courtyard with stone building facade.
Bride and groom hold each other under a tress. The groom is wearing a white military uniform, the bride is smiling.
The bride is holding onto the arm of the groom. The couple is standing on a stone porch, the Austin downtown skyline is in the background.
Bride and groom kiss and embrace during wedding ceremony at Chateau Bellevue.

Timeless Charm

For couples wanting a romantic venue, Chateau Bellevue delivers. Everywhere you look, this wedding venue has an old-world, timeless charm that transports you to another time. From the stained-glass windows to all the ornate decorations, this venue is sure to make your wedding day feel elegant and timeless.

Bride is sitting in chair while makeup artist puts makeup on the bride. The brides dress is hanging in the background with stained-glass windows all behind.
Bride and groom embrace on a wooden staircase with ornate railing.
Bride and groom site on a vintage bench with a large brown wooden staircase above them at Chateau Bellevue.
Bride and groom embrace. Groom is kissing brides side of the face. Green courtyard tress are in the background.

Chateau Bellevue FAQs:

We asked Chateau Bellevue a few questions we thought you might find helpful below!

Where is Chateau Bellevue located? 

Chateau Bellevue wedding venue is located at Downtown Austin at 708 San Antonio St, Austin, TX 78701.

What is the average number of weddings hosted per year? 

It hosts around 30 and 40 weddings per year except covid time.

How many guests can Chateau Bellevue accommodate? 

This venue can accommodate around 150 guests for a wedding.

How much does it cost for a wedding at Chateau Bellevue?

Rental rates at this venue include exclusive access to the Chateau ballroom, courtyards, porches and dinning room. To get a full list of pricing and packages, see the venue’s wedding website.

Why is Chateau Bellevue a preferred wedding location for couples?

Chateau Bellevue is a historic venue and one of the oldest buildings in Austin. It offers a stunning indoor and outdoor backdrop for wedding photos and videos. The gorgeous view of downtown and the beautiful Romanesque architecture make this venue truly unique. With all in house catering, waitstaff, furniture, and dining-ware, the wedding planning and execution are made simple and low stress for the bride and groom!

Chateau Bellevue Videography

As an official preferred vendor, PhotoHouse Films is honored to capture many couples on their wedding day. Check out some of the weddings we’ve filmed at Chateau Bellevue below!

Katelyn and Curt’s Chateau Bellevue Wedding Videography
Jacqueline and Matthew’s Chateau Bellevue Wedding Videography
Hillary and Daniel’s Chateau Bellevue Wedding Videography
Courtney and Brandon’s Chateau Bellevue Wedding Videography
Stephanie and Mark’s Social Media Wedding Trailer Video at Chateau Bellevue

Chateau Bellevue wedding photographers & videographers

PhotoHouse Films is proud to capture many weddings at Chateau Bellevue in downtown Austin, Texas. As premier wedding photographers and videographers, we are skilled in capturing your wedding with elegance and charm. See our wedding services for more information, or see the PhotoHouse Films Vimeo page for a full list of wedding videography.


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January 27, 2023