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Bridal Sessions: Do you need them?

You have probably come across several photos of bridal sessions on Instagram or perhaps heard about them from a friend. At a glance, a bridal session is where the bride gets to be in her complete wedding look and have her photos taken before the big day. If you’re not totally sold out to the idea, one of your reasons might be this: you think it’s unnecessary. However, there is more to a bridal session than that. 

You might be asking “What difference does a bridal session make?” or “Why is it worth spending money on?” You might consider the idea but then think to yourself, “I can’t do a bridal session. That’s not my thing. I’m awkward and I cannot pose.”

Well, we are here to present to you all the advantages a Bridal Session has – and you get to decide for yourself if you need them. We’ll make sure to acknowledge and dispel any doubts or concerns you may have about bridal sessions as we go along the way!

Bridal Sessions serve as a Dress Rehearsal

What better way to try out your wedding dress, shoes, hair and makeup than with a bridal shoot? You can practice walking in your shoes, break them in, and decide if it’s the right fit. It’s also a good time to know how to carry your dress and make sure it does not give room to any malfunctions on the wedding day. The bridal session also gives you the opportunity to test your hair and makeup. You can decide if you love it or if you want another style. This way, you are free with your time and you won’t be stressing out on the big day in the event that you think it’s not the right look for you. This will give you the chance to find out how long it will take for you to get ready, too! This alone is a pretty solid reason why a bridal session is a good idea!

Bridal Sessions help you feel comfortable in front of the camera

If your reason not to have a bridal shoot is because you are awkward in front of the camera – then what better way to start feeling comfortable than with a session with only you and your photographer? It’s better than just starting to try out poses on the wedding day when you only have a limited amount of time. With a bridal session, you are free to experiment with what makes you feel comfortable. You can also get plenty of ideas from your photographer. Believe me, you will not be alone in this. Another advantage is that you get to build a rapport with your photographer, too! 

Bridal Sessions help you explore the venue more

Aside from giving the illusion that these photos were taken the day of the wedding, having a bridal session in your wedding venue helps you explore all the nice areas where you can have your photos taken. You can also take pictures in places where it would usually be occupied and crowded on the day of the wedding.

Bridal sessions allow you to have more photos with your groom on the wedding day

Because you have an entire gallery of bridal photos, you have plenty of time on your wedding day to take pictures with your bridal party, your family, friends, and of course, the love of your life. Although you are still free to have a couple of solo shots here and there, you will have a sense of confidence knowing that your bridal portraits are secured. You can focus on having beautiful photos with your partner, instead. Having a bridal session before your wedding is an absolute time-saver.

Bridal sessions let you do extra things you may not be able to do on the big day

You want to wear your mom’s wedding dress, but not on the actual day? Bridal session.

You want to wear a fancy white hat to match with the dress, but not on your wedding day? Bridal session.

You want to try wearing 3 different white dresses? Bridal session.

The possibilities are endless! Whatever special thing you have in mind that might not make it to the wedding day, do it on the bridal shoot! You are free. It’s an entire session dedicated to YOU.

Always remember:

  1. A lot of photographers include Bridal Sessions in their packages! If you hire a wedding photographer, they can often do your bridal session too. This is great because it helps you feel more comfortable with them before the big day! 
  2. Bridal sessions are also available for LGBTQ+ couples! Two brides? You can both have your individual sessions before the big day!
  3. These moments come around only once in a lifetime! The photos that capture these exceptional milestones will always be free of regrets. Someday, you’ll cherish the opportunity to fondly revisit your bridal shoot. You don’t get to be a bride for long – but you can preserve the magic!

You’re now up to speed on Bridal Sessions! However, if you find yourself with more questions or if you’re considering booking a session with us, feel free to get in touch. We love shooting bridal sessions. It’s always exciting to capture your personality through a really nice photoshoot that’s all about you!


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March 31, 2024