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First Looks: To Do Them or Not To Do Them

Did you know that first looks are one of the most shared moments of weddings? How many times have you been scrolling through Instagram and seen a beautiful bride showing off her wedding day look to her spouse-to-be? It is one of those moments that make us all swoon and smile.

A little bit of history…

Throwing a little history into the mix, couples used to wait until they met at the altar to see each other on wedding day. If you are like us, you might be thinking of the Katherine Heigl movie, 27 Dresses and remembering how she said she would love to watch a groom’s expression as his love came walking down the aisle.

Cut to today and there are all kinds of first looks! There are even first touches for couples who land in the middle of the road of doing a first look.

But what is the right answer? We love all the options!

So, here is a look at all the ways to celebrate first looks or touches so you can know exactly which method is best for you (and your pictures).

First Look Options

Giving Your Guys/Gals a First Look

We love this one because your bridal party is typically made up of people who have known and loved you the longest. Your wedding is a monumental event for them too, so it can be fun to include them in a big reveal. A lot of wedding venues have bridal or groom suites that allow for great picture moments. If this is something you want to do, pick a venue that has a great space to showcase your wedding day look with your nearest and dearest. Think sliding doors, peaking out of a corner, surprising them while they are taking group shots…etc.

First Look with Moms

In case you didn’t know it, wedding days are such a big deal for your moms. There is nothing more special to do for a mother figure than to have a private moment held just for her so she can share in the magic of seeing you for the first time. Even if your mom is helping you dress, having her step away for a moment or having her place a finishing element to your ensemble will help her to have a devoted moment for just you two.

First Look with Dads

Dads may be harder to read on the surface, but weddings are a special day for them too. It’s a big thing sending off your son or giving away your daughter, so don’t forget about including Dad in a special way. Take it from us, some of the dad specific first looks are some of the most special moments we have ever seen or captured. You will not regret having a first look devoted to Dad.

First Look with Siblings + Other Special People

If there is anyone super special to you that you want to capture that first gasp-filled moment with, then do it! These first look moments are meant to be shared and cherished with those you love. The excitement of seeing the bride for the first time is such a big deal and these people will be so happy to know that you wanted them included in a tradition that means so much to them.

First look with Grandparents

We can’t forget about the oldest members of our family! If you are lucky enough to still have these people present come wedding day, consider including them in a special show off moment. They too have probably looked forward to this moment for quite some time and are excited to celebrate you and your love. Show off your look and have a precious moment together before all the pomp and circumstance happens day of.

Now, let’s talk about how you can partake in the perfect look or touch with your spouse-to-be.

Pro’s and Con’s to Doing a First Look/First Touch

  1. You can see each other before the wedding!
  2. You can take many of the pictures, together and with bridal party BEFORE the ceremony
  3. You can have a special moment ahead of the ceremony – just you two – a perfect time to exchange vows or gifts
  1. Your timeline is affected – you will have to get ready earlier in the day
  2. Depending on when your ceremony is, your lighting for this moment may not be absolutely “perfect”
  3. Your reactions during ceremony may not be as “dramatic”

First touch – Pro’s and Con’s

  1. You still get a private moment with your love ahead of the ceremony
  2. You get to have the photos of a special moment, without spoiling what each other looks like
  1. All pictures together would need to be taken after the ceremony
  2. If you’re short on time ahead of the reception or don’t have a big enough photography team to capture all the post-ceremony pictures, you might have to lose out on some other shots while getting the all important couple poses

Walking Down the Aisle First Moment – Pro’s and Con’s

  1. It’s the tradition everyone knows and loves
  2. It can make for a more romantic first look – the build up is real!
  1. It can make waiting to see your beloved feel like forever!
  2. It can extend the timeline of picture necessities in between ceremony and reception

Now, considering all the different types of first looks – which ones are you interested in? HOw do you see your big day going when it comes to revealing your big day’s look?

Are you all about the old tradition of waiting to walk down the aisle, or are you more excited to have a special moment with your spouse before all the fun begins?

Let us know if you need more ideas when it comes to first looks or first touches! Depending on your venue, the PHF team will have all the perfect places to have these first looks (or touches!) with all the ones you love.


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March 31, 2024