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Grand Exit Ideas

These days there is one true thing about weddings: they are a big production!

From the start of the day, to the end of the day, every detail is dripping in thought and care and love and romance.

One of our most favorite things about a wedding day is this: the grand exits!

What’s the deal with Grand Exits?

Grand exits are not only fun for guests, but fun for couples, too!

This is a great way to show off your personality or your love story. There are so many fun ways to celebrate the ending of a perfect day. So, we have some of the best ways to cap off the occasion here.

On top of our favorite ways to exit your event, we also will dive into all our tips when thinking about planning your grand finale of the day!

Let’s start with some unique ways to exit your wedding that you maybe haven’t thought of…yet!

A Few of Our Favorite Grand Exit Ideas


Fireworks are not just for the Fourth of July! They are a huge, grandiose element that will quite literally end your night with a bang. In Texas, fireworks can be tricky based on the weather and time of year. So, if you are interested in a fire-filled exit, be sure to consult with your planner and firework experts. If it is too dry and the chances of fire are too high, not to worry – there are options from companies like BIG DOG PYRO that don’t involve heat but are still gorgeous.


For all you bohemian lovers out there, flowers are a fabulous way to have a beautiful and earthy exit. Fake, or real; depending on what your budget is, have petals or full little flowers ready for a toss as you make your way out of the venue. Search some pictures of this – it is a newer trend and we are loving it!


An oldie but a goodie. We love the tradition of throwing rice for a couple as they end their festivities. Did you know that the rice toss is a symbolic wish to the newly weds that their life may be fruitful and prosperous? If you love tradition and are looking for a beautiful white-filled image of your exit, this could be the perfect option for you!

Glow in the Dark Objects

If you are exiting your big day at night, we love the idea of glow in the dark pieces to illuminate your departure. Whether it be sticks or flashlights – the extra lighting is not only a fun thing for guests to do, but makes for incredibly unique shots as well.


Balloons have recently taken the wedding scene over by storm. While we love this new fad and think that balloons can show up to weddings in all kinds of forms, we just recommend for the sake of the planet, not to release them into the sky. However, take a look at some pictures online of people walking through a field of balloons. So fun. So unique! A perfect way to incorporate your color palette for the big day too.


Bubbles are dreamy. End of story. Bubbles are a fun element to have during your exit not only because your guests will enjoy blowing them, but because they will look so pretty in all the pictures too. Think Galinda the Good Witch in Wizard of Oz times 100. It is whimsy at its best.


For all you Austin music lovers out there, have you thought about leaving your special day to the sound of music? We love the idea of bells or other beautiful sounds being present as you walk out of your wedding. While the pictures may not be able to showcase the incredible sounds they make, you will have such a cool picture and story to tell about those noises.

Smoke Bombs

This option is a fun one for the bride (and groom) who might not mind getting a bit colorful at the end of their event. Smoke bombs undoubtedly make for a great dramatic effect but they can definitely leave remains on anything they touch. If you want to go out with a colorful bang, think of incorporating this option into the final event of the night.


Streamers have long been popular in other countries during a couple’s exit from their wedding and the trend has finally found its way here! A colorful and peaceful way to salute a couple as they leave, we love the streamers idea!


If you like to travel in style, definitely think about doing your exit in a big way by incorporating an old car or food truck or even a helicopter in your big goodbye! For the couple who likes to make a splash and lives for all eyes being on them, this is a great way to celebrate the end of your night and go out in such a cool fashion.

When it comes to grand exits, they can be tricky.

So, our biggest tip to you is to prepare everything you need to so that the exit goes off without a hitch.

Here are some reminders to keep in mind when planning out your perfect wedding day close out.

Tips for your Grand Exits

See What Your Venue Allows

Venues usually have very clear rules and regulations when it comes to what is allowed at their venue. If having a big exit is something important to you, make sure to check with your venue on what is approved and not approved. Typically things like confetti or little items can be a no-go. However, when working with a planner and the venue owner/manager, you can usually make a great plan for the exit. Also be sure to ask about their capabilities and allowances when it comes to fireworks and similar grand elements.

Check Your Budget

When it comes to the last bits of wedding planning, usually people forget to budget things like the needs related to their grand exit. If you want to do something big like use real flowers, be sure to incorporate that into your floral category. Bigger items like renting a car or firing fireworks can cost around $5k or more. So get with your planner and see what the cost of your grand exit is going to stack up to be.

Have People Ready To Help

Typically venue managers are not responsible for helping with a grand exit. If you need a few more hands, try and work with your planner or your bridal party to make sure the plan goes off without a hitch.

Make Sure It Is On Your Timeline

Timelines are key when it comes to planning your big day. If your venue has a hard closing time, be mindful of that and plan your grand exit around that time. Keep in mind that your guests and bridal party will still be at the venue after you leave, so you want to give them enough time to leave the venue before your rented time runs out.

Don’t Forget to Clean Up

If your venue does allow for things like sparklers or confetti, be ready to have not only a clean up plan but a clean up crew ready to strike as soon as you are gone. The golden rule of leaving the venue as you found it is a good one. By cleaning up the grand finale’s leftovers, you will avoid any unnecessary clean up and maintenance costs that could occur if you leave a mess behind you.

Still not sure what kind of grand exit you want to do? Check out some of these pictures we have showcasing the magic of all the ways to end your special night.


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March 31, 2024